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East Penn Canada’s roots are firmly entrenched within the Automotive Aftermarket; since 1979 we’ve been providing our customers with full service battery programs customized to fulfill their unique individual needs. This division distributes batteries for the following applications: automotive passenger car and light truck, commercial vehicle, farm tractor, marine starting and deep cycle applications, recreation vehicle, power sports equipment, wheelchair, lawn & garden tractor, golf car and other small engine specialty applications. Battery types include conventional flooded, gelled electrolyte and absorbed glass mat (AGM) designs.

Industrial Motive Power  |  Click to view

Deka industrial batteries are constructed of the finest materials under strict computer-controlled manufacturing processes. More than 250 quality control checks are performed on every single battery to ensure the highest possible levels of performance, resulting in maximum productivity, reliable performance and longer cycle life. A broad product line allows us to provide custom battery and charging system solutions for all types of industrial motive power applications – light, medium or heavy duty.

Standby Power  |  Click to view

Our Unigy Battery Systems are ideal for critical backup power applications in a variety of applications: telecommunications, switchgear controls, cellular radio, photovoltaics, railroad signs, communications and uninterruptible power supplies. Both our Unigy I and Unigy II products have been manufactured using computer integrated technology for 10 and 20 year design life (in float applications @ 25°C/77°F), and all cells perform at 100% of rated capacity upon initial shipment. Our wide range of sizes and capacities allow a flexible, customized power solution configured to enhance space savings and versatility.

Solar Power  |  Click to view

With electrical utility rates on the rise, consumers are exploring ways to save money and many are investigating solar power as a means to reduce or replace the electricity drawn from their local utility grid. Our solar batteries are available in conventional flooded, gel, and AGM technologies in a wide variety of sizes and capacities to capitalize on this rapidly expanding market opportunity. These batteries have been designed by our Engineering Team to offer reliable, low-maintenance power for renewable energy applications where frequent deep cycles are required and minimum maintenance is desirable.

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